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Naples, Italy 2019

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® David Myers


I usually write about my workshop experiences while traveling home on some flight. This time, I put it off for a few weeks and what is most apparent is the shocking difference between the days in the workshop and everyday life at work.  It makes me appreciate so much more the time spent with Ernesto and other students. As usual, the experience was intense and enjoyable.  The critiques of the work shown each morning were constructive and inspiring.  The days were long, walking many miles and climbing up and down many flights of stairs. The evenings were punctuated with good food and conversation. 

Perhaps, what I saw most in my personal work was a change as the photographs became less tethered to reality and more connected to me — to what I was seeing and feeling.  Naples provides a unique experience; it is both beautiful and gritty.    After 8 workshops with Ernesto, I continue to feel I am growing both as a photographer and a person.  I owe much to Ernesto for giving me the opportunities and I am already planning on being in Naples next year, my third time there. David Myers




® Mark Silverberg


I have been to Naples twice before, the first time was in 1971. Naples has an alluring fascination to me, so the idea of doing a workshop with Ernesto there was enticing.

Ernesto helped me reveal aspects of Naples I had caught only glimpses of before – unique neighborhoods, ancient haunting structures, crumbling looted churches, damaged buildings from the 1968 earthquake. Most importantly for me is to see Naples honestly as in a mirror of its many facets and reflect what I saw. My first days there produced images that were mostly literal and representational, the bane of my photography. However with time, firm coaching, and learning from the other workshop participants, I was able to create images more reflective of how Naples touched me. The chemistry in our group, and my respect for their artistry and humanity, was at a special level. I look forward to learning with them and Ernesto again soon, hopefully in Naples again. Mark Silverberg




® Regula Tschumi


It was my second workshop with Ernesto in Naples, and again it has been an amazing week, full of surprises and adventures, but for me also full of learning and trying to understand what it means to make a good photograph. Exploring Naples with Ernesto, watching him at work and following him to some really incredible places in and outside Naples was a great experience and also very inspiring. Besides our long daily walks we had every morning our editing sessions where we were given Ernesto’s honest and interesting feedback on our daily work. On these occasions we had also the privilege to see some of Ernesto’s recent photographs as well as the portfolios of Peter and David who presently work on two book projects. To analyze all these powerful and poetic images really sharpened my eyes and also made me better understand the meaning of photographic sequences.

Thank you very much Ernesto for all what you have been sharing with us, for your patience, your support, your soulful critique and your honest feedbacks on our work. Many thanks also to Mark, David and Peter, it has been wonderful meeting all of you and sharing some extraordinary days and moments in Naples. Regula Tschumi


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