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Cuzco, Peru 2018

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® Chad Anderson


I don’t worry anymore. This trip with Ernesto is special, we both feel it. There’s a shift in my understanding of this place, of the native people. A more spiritual return. I let go of the camera. Aperture, shutter speed, even focus fades. The images are always there, always present. I see them, I blink my eye. Most escape. A few are trapped in the layers of my sensor. Seven times I have returned to Peru this time is the most precious. I have let go of worry. There is a culmination of what Ernesto has taught me and what we share. We walk, we see and we love this place. Chad W Anderson



® Garry Waller


This was my fourth workshop with Ernesto and having already seen some of the incredible work of the Sacred Valley, in Peru from past students, I knew this was the one I wanted to take and that it was going to be very special.

As we ventured out each day, I’d take many shots of the landscape and remember thinking how they rarely live up to what I was seeing with my own eyes: the camera rarely seems to do the scale and beauty of the place justice.

The people we encountered were as warm and as gracious as you could find. I’ve been to Peru twice before so I knew it’s a country where photographing is made so much more special because of the people here and how accepting they truly are. With each day we had different things to discover and new photographic opportunities. We spent a fair amount of time photographing labourers working in the fields harvesting crops. We also visited small villages where life unfolded at a pace I don’t get to experience much living in NYC; the beauty of small everyday gestures seems somehow amplified by the slow pace and authenticity of people’s lives in these places.

And then of course there’s Ernesto’s relentless passion for the work of his students, his encouragement for discovering unique photographic opportunities was as strong as ever and each day was a new adventure for the group. Productive critiques every morning, the “show and tells” of past and present photo projects and the pleasure of spending time with fellow students was a gift and made this an incredible workshop. Garry Waller



® Laura Kreuger


For me, the Sacred Valley workshop was full of firsts: first workshop with Ernesto, first time to Peru, first time drinking chicha, among others. I first heard about Ernesto’s workshop three years ago from a trusted mentor and adviser, and have been wanting to go ever since. 

To put it simply, the experience lived up to the name. We experienced numerous sacred moments in our wanderings through the mountains and valleys around Cusco and Pisac. The warmth and welcoming nature of the people we encountered led to these sacred moments, full of vulnerability, insight, and compassion. I saw and experienced the country in a way that I never would have had the courage to do on my own, which I believe led to more compelling and insightful photos. 

The vulnerability and insight transferred into our editing sessions, where Ernesto shared his talents with us, especially in creating community where each person’s creative talents could flourish and grow. I can say with confidence that these ten days were some of the most challenging creatively that I have ever experienced, but that also I feel as though my eyes have been opened again, years of creative rust sloughed off. Laura Krueger



® Milton Zambrana


This was the third time walking with friends old and new along majestic mountains and deep cut valleys.  As the air thins above 14000 ft. things become more intense and I struggle to push yesterday and tomorrow out of the way.  “Live in the NOW” I tell myself, “enjoy the company…fill your heart with love and open the doorway so that magic (whatever form it decides to take) can make its way in and around.  Feel blessed…to be here…to be alive…to be walking in such an ancient place and among the best company one can ask for…things just feel right!”  Morning reviews are always a pleasure and prepare you for a long day of shooting. A day usually filled with magic and surprises. Very special thanks as always to my fellow adventurers Ernesto for your quiet guidance, Chad, Garry and Laura for inspiring and sharing.  Until we meet again! Milton Zambrana


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