Nice Try

Cuzco, Peru 2018

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®Garry WallerThe group Nice Try has proved that with determination, talent and faith you can achieve some special pictures! Chad Anderson was returning for the 7th time. He’s slowly building a very beautiful body of work that keeps growing each time he returns. Milton Zambrana returned for the third time in a row and his beautiful color images on the essence of Andean life continue to probe and challenge, at the same time, what it means for him to be part of this culture. The lady picking flowers out in the field is the Pacha Mama herself emerging from a deep, magical forest. Garry Waller continues to loyally return whenever he feels the inspiration is calling him, creating unique images that only he can take. And last but not least, Laura Krueger came with total faith advised by my good old friend Willard Pate and took a gracious leap forward showing that she can take intimate and profound pictures of people, landscapes and still life.
The great Martin Chambi, who is always by my side during my wanderings in his native land, gave me the green light to return here for Carnival. I’ll be teaching my first workshop during this ancient celebration. We will go to many of the villages I know to photograph the native people coming together, dressed in their traditional costumes, dancing around lagoons looking like white birds. I simply can’t wait. Chad on his way back home wrote to me: “I’ve already booked my flight.” The dates will be from February 26th, to March 7th, 2019. It will be a blessing to be able to return and probe more this unique way of LIFE! Now, take a look at their images and, as always, you judge for yourself.


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