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Naples, Italy 2018

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® David Myers


I was surprised by the Naples experience, I have reflected more about my photography, read more, looked more, than after any other workshop.  In an odd way, it was the most complete experience for me.  It will stick with me for a lifetime. Ernesto I so value the opportunity to be with you, to walk, and to talk.  We only missed the single malt!David Myers



® Javier Alonso


Naples has been my third workshop with Ernesto. Thus, I knew from the very beginning that long walks and a very strict photographic selection would have been our daily work. Together with Ernesto, Julia, David and Konrad we were like an urban commando looking for the essence contained in the multiple layers of this ancient city. We also devoted a significant part of our time visiting abandoned places outside Naples, being witnesses of how the mighty Nature is taking over these places with its patient action as time goes by. Trying to capture this process has been a new challenge not easy to accomplish, but very stimulant, providing us the opportunity to go deeper in other ways of thinking and doing photography.

To say the Neapolitan food is incredible may be a topic of conversation, but in reality it has been even more delicious, especially when you are in company of such good friends. I also wish thank Barbara, Andrea and Salvatore, the Italian photographers that kindly joined us in some of our trips and shared with us a very special time. They are very talented people and I was very happy of getting to know them and their photographic work.

I have to thank, once again, Ernesto for his patient and masterful guide in helping us to go deeper with photography, as well as to the choral criteria built up with my companions in the evaluation of our daily work. All this contributes to improve little by little, with patience, passion and perseverance a more conscious vision of what really matters. Javier Alonso



® Konrad Szarfirowski


It’s been my 3rd time in Naples in Ernesto’s workshop. Every time I come back, I learn something new. This year I realised that if a photo was difficult to take, I tend to value it more, I defend it during a session of editing and feel disappointed when I have to let go of it. As time went by, I realised it was a good decision to drop it.

I’m now more aware that a good photo does not have to be necessarily very difficult to take. Of course, we need the trained eye, the experience, the time spent in a location, the kilometers made each day walking. However sometime the picture is just there, waiting for us to take it. This is the great benefit of editing with Ernesto and the group. Konrad Szafirowski


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