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Scicily, Italy 2018

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® Daniele Alamia


This was my third workshop with Ernesto in Sicily, our homeland.
Another beautiful experience that made me reflect on my way of photographing, without the anxiety and haste to have to make necessarily perfect images.
This calm helped me to be more focused and attentive in the composition, which often, despite the effort, didn’t succeed.
The rhythms were slower for the whole group and this was a great gift. The selection process was very hard and it raised the level of attention of all of us and the desire to improve, always in an atmosphere of friendship, respect, openly and sincerely comparing our images.
I bring with me, the knowledge and friendship of two wonderful people with whom I also shared hard work and disappointments, but above all food, laughter, beautiful music (Horse with non name), personal and family memories. I want to thank them for their sweetness and attention, and also for their patience with my bad English: thank you Michael Marlitt and Philip Blanchard.
The photos could probably have been better, perhaps greater in number, perhaps deeper, but as they are they accompany the memory of an experience, as always, full and beautiful.
The workshop and its organization were perfect and as always have reserved some surprises this year.
To Ernesto, our host in the magic of the mysteries of Trapani, goes my deepest gratitude: for his friendship and for all the gifts that our relation has been gradually giving us. And yet our path together will lead us where fate will want to lead us. Daniele Alamia




® Michael Marlitt


I’ve been back a week and have had a few moments to reflect on the time spent in Sicily for the Holy Week. What to make of a community that comes together to celebrate their deep spirituality, but allows a fist fight to erupt in the church; that proudly marches competing holy virgins through town not knowing until the second day whether they’ll coexist in peace or conflict? Life is contradictions and conciliation; Sicily is all this and more.

Thank you Ernesto, Philip and Daniele for making my first trip to this magical island so memorable and enjoyable. The shooting conditions ranged from sublime in the countryside to more complex during the processions but the encouragement and camaraderie overcame all of the challenges. In the end, images I didn’t know I had in me rose to the surface and brought smiles, tears and wonder to my heart. The food is amazing, the people are wonderful and the memories will be a part of me forever! Michael Marlitt




® Phillip Blanchard


Thank you Ernesto, this was my first workshop with you and I have discovered not only Sicily but also much, much more. The Island, with its generous people, the glorious food, its wine and new friendships. But most of all I got to meet you and your photographic philosophy, and how I can look at my own way of becoming a more passionate photographer. I enjoyed the wild rugged scenery of the mountains to the calm silence of the saltpans, and then of course we experienced the Easter Celebrations. I will never forget the float carrying the Resurrection on its return to the Church. As it was walked backwards inside followed by the ladies of the choir singing such a moving song, no one was left unmoved, a truly magical moment for me. I have learnt such a lot but still I feel I’ve only just scratched the surface, I have a long way to go for sure. I will never look at my photography in the same way again. A big thank you for sharing what you did with us all, particularly with me the last day of the workshop. La Dolce Vita! Philip Blanchard



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