Los Tres Güeros Gallery

Guadalupe Celebration, Cuetzalan, Mexico 2019

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® David Saxe


“This has been my 4th workshop with Ernesto. No longer am I surprised by the wonders and magic of these week-long experiences. I have come to expect them, and I am never disappointed. Cuetzlan has been a journey into the distant past—what Mexico had been just a few generations ago. Family and church traditions have been honoured in the same ways as they have for generations, and it has been a special privilege to be able to be a part of them. Thank you Ernesto for opening the doors and allowing me access to participate in these wonderful celebrations.” David Saxe




® Vivianne Peckman 


I came to Mexico to sharpen my eyes and refresh my spirit but unsure what to expect.  Magically, every day was an adventure, full of the unexpected… so much more than I’d hoped and yet just what I needed.  With Ernesto’s faith, sleuthing — and uncanny timing! — we witnessed beautiful moments among the kind and generous people of the Sierra Norte.  And the Sierra Norte: stunningly beautiful, with giant ferns and delicious mushrooms!   Many, many thanks to my travel companions for your suggestions, critiques and kindness.  Vivianne Peckman


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