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Guadalupe Celebration, Cuetzalan, Mexico 2019

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®David Saxe

It paid off big time return to Cuetzlan this year. After spending only two days last year and falling in love with the place immediately, I knew it would be fantastic to spend eight days exploring this magical indigenous region.

For the first time, we celebrated three different virgins in the same week. The first was the Virgin of Juquila followed by the Virgin of the Immaculate Conception and then the grand finale with the Virgin to whom I have been devoted for many years, my dear Virgin of Guadalupe.

David and Vivianne, the two students with whom I had the privilege of sharing my photographic journey, were amazed at the perfect timing we had every day and every time we arrived in a village. Within five minutes of our arrival something magical and spiritual always arose. I explained to both that this apparent “perfect timing” was by no means casual. It has to do with my faith in the Virgin and the pervasive energy that has accompanied me since the beginning of my life.

During the entire seminar we kept each other company wonderfully, always helping one another each other and also helping some of the many people we came across on our trip!

Our generosity has been amply rewarded by some surprising images taken by both David and Vivianne, but also by the numerous invitations to enter many houses, including those of the mayordomos, the families in charge of organizing the celebrations every year. As David said: “The best food of the whole trip”.

Without a doubt I will be back again next year! It could not be otherwise! EB


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