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Oaxaca, Mexico 2019

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® David Gaynes





® Garry Waller


Ernesto this is my 5th workshop with you so by now I definitely no stranger to your incredible capacity as a mentor and someone who continually creates unforgettable experiences. I’m also proud to know you as a friend!

Your energy and ability to not only keep everything flowing but also to teach and inspire students at ever level is so strong. And as is always the case, your enthusiasm for us to come away with amazing photos is only surpassed by the ability to bring us all together, to help one another grow and laugh so much while we are doing it all. This was such an incredible group of people, we all learnt so much and shared such a great time with you.

With many great critiques and hilarious moments behind us, I was sad to say goodbye, but beyond grateful for yet another amazing experience.

Thank you Ernesto and the group Dalì. Garry Waller




® Linda Hollinger


I have just completed my sixth workshop with Ernesto and my second time in Oaxaca. I feel very blessed to have had the opportunity to return to this mystical and surreal land where life is a celebration more so than the mourning of death. Ernesto’s workshops are just not about photography but about enriching life experiences and spiritual journeys.

It is difficult to put into words the time spent together in the workshop. I have learned so much from each and every one of you, Patty, Garry, David, Ximena, Paulina, Oscar and brave mom Patty as well!  You all are so talented, kind and generous.

Once again, thank you Ernesto for all the dedication you put into the workshops, teaching, sharing with us your beautiful images, and enriching our lives by enabling us to travel on these spiritual journeys! Linda Hollinger





® Oscar Bolaños


I went to Oaxaca expecting, or at least hoping for two things. First I wanted to experience photography in a different way. Being an engineer, rationale often dominates my preferences and behaviours, so favouring aspects such as technical details or composition seemed safe and measurable. Ernesto on the other hand is constantly in the search of the quintessential, and allows his feelings to guide the way. This was truly a new experience for me. Second, I was hoping for a mentor that helps me advance artistically and personally. While it is too soon to answer this question, I did find an incredible group of people that made the trip Oaxaca totally worth it. All the traditions, rain, mud, cold, fog and food we experienced, wouldn’t have been the same without Gary, David, Ximena, Paulina, Linda and Patty. Together with Ernesto, you helped create an amazing experience. Now the question is, where shall we meet again? Oscar Bolaños




® Patty Dada


Totally grateful to life for the opportunity to share this kind of learning with such beautiful people. Ernesto, your workshops are always much more than photography, they are total learning, they are about living together, about empathy, generosity, about life itself. I loved this group of people that by uniting we managed to learn from each other and at the same time help us to enjoy all the situations that were presented to us, it was not easy at some moments and that made us give more and put ourselves to the test.

Ximena you are in a wonderful age … go for it !! Linda your determination to work hard and your wonderful handling of light fascinated me, Garry your beautiful smile your decision and security helped me thousands, David thanks for your company and your sweetness; Oscar I loved your youth and your interest in doing your things; Paulina, your desire to learn and your decision to work hard taught me to follow; And to you Patricia thank you a thousand for your care and details. Ernesto to you, a thousand thanks again and from the heart. I hope to have the opportunity to give you my thanks  many more times in this life. You have opened a wonderful path for me! See you very soon. Patty Dada




® Paulina Krol-Knustsen


I would like to say what your workshop means to me but it not so easy to describe this only with words!

The Dia De Muertos…Dead and Life…unfortunately Dead taught me much deeper that I expected.But this shows me how fast life is going and how we should appreciate it every day. In Mexico you and all Dali group were showing me what is the most important in life: respect, taking care of one another, helping, giving without expecting something back. How important it is a simple smile, one good word!! Thank you for all of this!

You are an amazing photographer and a fantastic teacher…you can make miracles !

I learnt so much from you and all the group. I am motivated to work harder and I can’t wait for next workshop with you. It was a wonderful time for me. Thank you Garry, Oscar, Patty, Patricia, Ximena, David, Linda, Ernesto !

Miss you and all the group! Paulina Krol-Knutsen





® Ximena Ordoñez


Huautla was an undeniably amazing experience, to put it simply. Traveling with this group of talented photographers, there was this growth that I noticed in my own work. Even as the runt of the group, I never felt excluded and there was always someone there to help out. Thank you Ernesto, for your teachings that’ll stay with me forever. Thank you David, Garry, Patty, Oscar, Paulina, and Linda; for being like family out there. And thank you to my mother, who accompanied me on this adventure! I look forward to attending another one of your workshops soon! Ximena Ordoñez


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