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Naples, Italy 2017

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® Konrad Szafirowski


Now I’m back home, just cooling down my feelings after some intense days with Ernesto and other students. I feel exhausted, but happy and pleased. Just like after previous workshops with Ernesto, I left Naples with many questions answered, but at the same time some new question’s and doubts arise…. Recently I dream about photography, wake up at night and think, analyze… Then I stop and hear Ernesto’s voice: “just follow your intuition, your intuitive eye, don’t try to hard… relax, have good time…”
I’m grateful for the experience, Ernesto’s guidance and feel fortunate I could be a part of this journey.
My special thanks goes to Ernesto, Micheal, Robert and also to Barbara, Andrea and Ciro, who took us to places in and around Naples. Konrad Szafirowski



® Michael Marlitt


Naples looked back. When I looked at its abandoned spaces, it looked back with eyes I wondered if only I could see. When I peeked into the eyes and lives of the people, they looked back with joy, despair, suspicion, anger, wonder and faith. When I looked at the streets and buildings, they looked back with the eyes of the Madonna and Child and the saints who watched over them. When I looked into my own heart, I looked back at myself and faced my fears, doubts, and delusions. Naples asked me for nothing but honesty and in return gave me honesty, magic and more than a few winks telling me we were all on this ride together.
Thank you to my new friends who shared these nine crazy, wonderful days and taught me so much. To all those whose orbits touched on ours – all of the local photographers who went out of their ways to help us, and the friends who joined us from day to day. Especially to Konrad, with your quiet empathy, quick laugh and knowing smiles; to Robert, with your fearless eagerness to jump across the next wider chasm keeping you and us from another experience; and to Ernesto, with your honest encouragement and spirit and your endless confidence that providence would be our guide each day, each step and each moment. Michael Marlitt



® Robert Musial


First of all, I’d like to thank you Ernesto for our last trip to all the mysterious places in Naples together with two very kind gentlemen. It was my first time there.
Once again you proved to me there by the way you leaded us with your high abilities to be a photography teacher. As it was in Porto, and then in Pebas.

I take a bow to all the people we met. Phenomenas in life do not look like they are real. Like you, like this journey to abandoned places, for the first time they did show us their depth and then their mystery. It is only after seeing the photos from Naples over and over that I find this hidden values of the City, and your photographic teaching method.  

Thank you very much for this.

Your respect for the way your students express their feelings (through photos) and sensibility, and your commitment to our photographic growth is of the highest level.
All of this makes me want to meet you again this year. Robert Musial


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