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Naples, Italy 2017

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®Korand SzafirowskiNaples is darker and sunnier than ever! It’s surreal, generous, bitter and dirty, and beautifully decadent while opening us her always-plump arms!
With my three students we get lost in this unique city walking an average of 16 k a day. Luckily Konrad, Michael and Robert are game and fit for the task!
We explore its guts; we enter abandoned industrial dinosaurs, which are slowly decomposing while Nature is trying to repossess them with her generous vegetation!
Andrea, Barbara, Salvatore and new friends such as Ciro, Alessandra and Luigi were very generous with their time and knowledge. They showed others layers of Naples and the surrounding areas. It’s always a pleasure to share time with them.
After walking for so long everyday we indulge in the Neapolitan coffee, its delicious sfogliatelle, pizzas, pastas and polipetti alla Luciana!
As we edit their images everyday, I’m pleasantly surprised on the progression of the students’ images. I’m making clear that poetry is everywhere, even in the most impregnable places where we dare to enter.
After one long afternoon spent in an abandoned cement plant, they all have nightmares at night. We all laugh about it the next morning as we find that they took some special pictures from the entrails of the monster.
It’s beautiful to see how Konrad, Michael and Robert are opening their heart and eyes to all these different subjects. Their pictures show that some traces of this unique city have been captured. As we go the final review we all feel a sentiment of comradeship mixed with elation for this unique and special time that Life has bestowed upon us! Another miracle!



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