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Virgen de Guadalupe, Mexico City 2016

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® David Saxe


Today finds me still getting used to life here at home after, the events of the past two weeks in Mexico. As I mentioned to you many times, Ernesto you never fail to surprise me, and my experience in Mexico was one of discovery and surprises. Besides the experience of photographing a wonderful people and culture, there was of course the small treasure passing 10 days with three special people—yourself, Yael and Juan. It is an everlasting experience and one, which will never be forgotten. Thank you.

David Saxe



® Yael Martinez


Some time ago I was thinking about faith and what drives you to climb a mountain, to cross it regardless of the inclement weather, the pain or the cold. These thoughts returned to my head as I was descending a dirt road flanked by two volcanoes along with a group of pilgrims from Sanctorum Puebla, Ernesto Bazan and the other students.

Ernesto told us about the experience he had in doing the pilgrimage together with Juan de la Cruz some years ago; of walking about 75 km from Puebla to the Basilica of Guadalupe feeling the pain, the cold, the hunger and many vivid emotions.

From my point of view these experiences are what nourish you, that fill you with learning, that make you leave your comfort zone and push you to go further.

In this workshop we found days of discovery, learning, of trying to go beyond our limits, to understand each other through others, our communities, our people.

I deeply thank for these life’s experiences Ernesto Bazan for the guide that he was during this 10-day journey.
More than a guide in the field of documentary photography, Ernesto is a guide as a person and as a human being. With the impulse to give to others and to help the development of young photographers’ eyes considering that this workshop was funded by a scholarship promoted by Ernesto and a group of his students.

Thank you very much Ernesto and that the Virgin of Guadalupe and life may continue to offer you the opportunity to share your life and experience with many people on this planet.

Yael Martinez


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