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Virgen de Guadalupe, Mexico 2015

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® Barbara Beltramello


This workshop following the pilgrims who come to the sanctuary of the Virgin de Guadalupe has been for me perhaps one of the most intense. Photographing on an occasion like this was an ongoing challenge, which repeated itself day after day, but from which I was able to obtain satisfaction that I did not expect before my departure.
My traveling companions have also helped to make this experience even more magical. I think it’s very important the climate that is being created in Ernesto’s workshops and that I hardly find in other courses or workshops.
It’s definitely a privilege and a great gift to go out to take pictures with photographers as Ernesto and as some of his students who have a very high level and a very personal photographic style that for me it has been a constant source of enrichment.
Ten days went by quickly and they were full of moments and emotions that I would not have ever imagined.

Barbara Beltramello



® Francesco Pavia


Another adventure with Ernesto! After my first workshop in Salvador de Bahia could not wait to come back. After a year and a half we finally met in Puebla where the journey began. A workshop in the company of photographers incredible: their presence was an incentive to improve myself, to imitate them, trying to grasp the secret of a good photo. As usual, what matters is to have a good pair of shoes and a lot of patience, and never give up. Photographing the pilgrimage was very difficult but with the help of the group I managed to bring home some good shots! Ernesto teaches by showing his work and the work of his very talented students whom will soon release the books. In the daily editing sessions you understand how much effort is behind each picture and how, reluctantly, it is necessary to discard photographs, although excellent, which are unable to keep up with the others. The only way to improve their photographic expertise is being in the company of photographers that are better than you. All seasoned with excellent mescal and tacos.
Needless to say, as soon as possibleI will attend another workshop!

Francesco Pavia




® Giorgio Negro


Mexico, Mexico, over and over again. If Latina America is a continent, then Mexico is a planet, a world from another galaxy, a thousand years away, or just a couple of hours flight, depending on your mood. I always end up coming back here; interstellar spaceships are quite cheap these days. Ernesto, on the lookout, is waiting for us holding his camera, Judith does not economize on her excellent mescal, nor does Barbara refuse to drown us (oh, delicious death….) in Italian grape juice. What luck that before embarking on my starship I sneaked in a dreamlike duty free. All this will help us forget that here taking pictures (beautiful ones, it is obvious: we are The Bazan’s students!) is almost impossible, and that sherpa-like calf muscles count so much more than the finger on the shutter button.
Anyway, faith (ours, rather than the one of the already exhausted pilgrims) is boundless and mescal and tacos will eventually prevail on the aesthetic adversities of this Mexican-cosmic (mis)adventure…. or maybe will they not ?

Giorgio Negro


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