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Salvador de Bahia, Brazil 2015

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® Colin Steel


I think it’s always incredibly challenging to learn something intangible and personal like expressing yourself through photography, there are no formulas to learn or techniques to master because all of the answers lie within yourself – that is the undoubted frustration of it all for me.
Yet every time I take a workshop with Ernesto, I create at least a precious handful of the photos that I am after and I think that is entirely down to his ability to intuitively and instinctively find and attract situations and people that enable a creative environment, and the results follow.
Ernesto makes no attempt to shoehorn anyone into a ‘right’ way of photographing. Beginner and experienced photographers alike learn from him and from each other and it’s always a delight to watch everyone build on their work over the period of the workshop. It goes without saying that the environment of these workshops goes way, way beyond taking photographs and in a strange way I think that it is the conversations and interactions with Ernesto and all of the other students that expand your thinking with the clear benefit of creating new artistic possibility for yourself.
These were my fourth and fifth workshops with Ernesto and they won’t be the last. I see these events as an essential part of my growth as a photographer and I fully intend to build again on the steps forward that I made here in wonderful, mystical Bahia.

Colin Steel



® Geralyn Shukwit


Half awake with my mind still in Bahia, it’s hard to get moving again. The city is covered in grey, the air so cold, I prefer to stay still and remember the last few weeks: the warmth, the colors, the land and the people – highlighted with new and old friends, filled with laughter and stories I will hold dear to my heart. I know this feeling well as it follows me after each adventure with Ernesto. 

This workshop, where each day brought something new – plan A turned into plan B until it was sideswiped by plan C. We went with the flow, finding visual pieces to our journey along the way. Forever thankful for the guidance and conversations that opened my mind and broadened my vision towards my photography. I struggle to focus on my project, but through the time and thoughtfulness that was put into discussing and editing my work I am starting to see it come together. 

As we know, these workshops are about so much more then the act of taking a photo: they are about experiencing life, seeing, listening and sharing. Tammy, Romain, Colin, Marcy, Santiago, and Ernesto – here’s to another unforgettable workshop! For every bump, truck and flattened frog… emergency regulations and caipirinhas… our edits were amazing and everyone’s images are truly inspiring. I wish you were all here…  love

Geralyn Shukuwit

It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.  — Henry David Thoreau 



® Marcy Cohen


The best experiences in life are sometimes best lived in the before and after.  The hopeful anticipation, and the joy of reminiscence.  As photographers we are blessed with tokens of remembrance in the photographs we are given.  The experiences we shared this February in Bahia were poignant and wonderful while we lived them but grow stronger as time goes on.  Just today seeing on FB Santiago’s wonderful capture of King Ernesto being hugged by the “Queen” of Maragogipe and Ernesto proudly holding the mock-up of Willard’s Animals brings a wide smile to my face and reminds me how fantastic an experience and great and diverse group we had in Cachoeira.  The ten days we spent there were intense and intimate, like a dream – we worked hard and learned a lot.  

I am grateful to Ernesto for sharing with us his intimate knowledge of Bahia – this was not a “drive-by”  workshop but rather an opportunity to get beneath the surface of things by visiting with people and places Ernesto has known for years.  The situations were not necessarily easy but rich with intimacy and mystery once you opened your eyes and heart.  

My first workshop with Ernesto in Sicily 9 years ago changed my photography like no other experience.  This latest trip is sure to be another turning point.  Thank you Ernesto, Colin, Tammy, G, Santiago and Roman for 10 wonderful days and nights.  Looking forward to the next time.

Marcy Cohen



® Romain Fournier


This workshop was intense and special with adventures waiting for us at every corner. Beyond exploring a place, its people and its traditions, we also had many opportunities to discover and learn from each other’s work through intense editing sessions. I just loved discovering new work and being able to discuss with the other photographers the reasons behind each picture.
It was also nice to catch up with friends from past workshops and see their work grow.
Still I can’t believe that we could participate in the sequencing of Willard’s book With Animals just a few weeks before it went to print. Well-done Willard! I just can’t wait to holding your book and rediscovering your soulful work quietly at home.
Thank you Ernesto for allowing all of the above to happen during your workshop.

Ciao, Romain Fournier



® Santiago Llobet


The Brazilian Carnival has always been a magnet for photographers like honey is for flies. The workshop proposed by Ernesto was to photograph carnival and the traditions of Iemanyá in Bahia in small towns, in villages, far from the crowded big cities and their always-present dangers. I found this an experience that I could not miss.

Like in all Ernesto’s workshops, the journey becomes a complete learning experience (both human and photographic),traveling and fun. These workshops combine the three things and that’s why we the students are always feeling that they are too short. You would stay a bit longer, and then a bit more, and then a bit more. Bahía and the carnival did not disappoint us. 

Photography and soul always have to go together allowing a unique way of looking at life. This is the vision that Ernesto teaches you at all times. Follow your heart. Now and always.

Thanks Bahía, Ernesto and everybody for everything you taught me. I will be back.

Santiago Llobet Lligè



® Tammy Merino


Bahia as always was a wonderful experience, but this time was different. Something had changed in me and in the people.  A bond had been created between them and I which further magnified the experience. 

To me the workshops with Ernesto are more than a photographic learning, they are a beautiful spiritual learning and a personal growth. Being able to see again the Bahian families every year is an opportunity to thank life and Ernesto for making it happen. 

This trip would not have been the same without the amazing and wonderful people with whom I shared two weeks! Thanks G, Romain, Colin, Santi, Marcy and Ernesto for all the daily laughter, to make me happy at all times and for being such an excellent company. Thank you all for your overwhelming support, for listening and for being the best constructive critics! “Emergency Beer” was an amazing group. I miss you all already!

Thanks Ernesto for your wisdom, for helping me grow and for having this big heart that allows you to transmit your knowledge in such a natural way! “BEER EMERGENCY” We are the best!

Tammy Merino


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