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Chiapada Diamantina, Brazil 2014

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® Romain Fournier


“Vem pra cá … vem pra cá … ” … as I couldn’t resist Bahia’s call any longer, I decided to join Ernesto’s workshop and set myself ready for a promising hiking journey in the Chapada Diamantina. As it happens sometimes with Ernesto, we changed the initial plan and we decided to embark on a road trip instead. Guess what? We did not regret this choice. Driving from Chapada Diamantina to Reconcavo Bahiano provided us with great photo opportunities. But most importantly, during this journey, we were allowed to share some precious moments with humble persons and this turned out to be a great human experience. Congratulations Tammy for the beautiful pictures you took, and thank you Ernesto for being open with your students and for sharing your work with us as you do … this, among other things, sets you apart !!! Tchao,  Romain Fournier



® Tammy Merino


Chapada Diamantina was the first workshop that I wanted to do with Ernesto. But for life’s circumstances I did first the Salvador and the Oaxaca workshops instead. I was anxiously waiting for January to come to be able to finally visit Chapada.
Without any doubt this workshop was much more that I was expecting. It went beyond all the limits of my imagination and I returned home loving and valuing much more each human being and each thing that surrounded my life.
I’m in love with the Brazilians, their friendliness, their beautiful way of looking at life, of their simplicity and humility with which they live each day, and their ability to give away something without expecting anything back.
My photographs tend to recognize the immense strength and wish to move forward of all the people we met along the way. Tammy Merino
It was a workshop blessed with magic situations, where each family received us with open arms and shared with us simple moments but full of love and learning.
This experience turned, once again, in a learning path both photographically and spiritually. Beyond the good images, what will stay in my heart are all the good moments that Ernesto, Romain and I shared. Thank you both for your teaching and caring every day! It was an incredible journey that both of you made possible! Tammy Merino

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