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Chiapada Diamantina, Brazil 2012

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® Marc Caceres


As a first-time workshop attendee, I was apprehensive about the prospect of being the only student since I have had very little formal training in photography. I only knew that I was dissatisfied with my own photography and that I wanted to produce images that had poetry, something that is always present in Ernesto’s work. Apprehension, however, gave way to inspiration and then to motivation through Ernesto’s laser-like critiques and through repeated viewings of his photographs.
Beyond raising the bar in my ability to be more critical about photographs and to see with a less literal eye, the workshop was a truly magical adventure as I experienced the openhearted welcome of the Brazilian people we encountered during our exploration of the countryside. Invitations for coffee or even a shared lunch with families who opened their homes and lives to us led to the creation of images that began to capture the joy, tenderness, and mystery of our gracious hosts. Religious processions and ceremonies revealed the intense spiritual life in Bahia and we were fortunate to witness some unforgettable moments of spiritual transcendence. Long drives through the endless Bahian landscape provided time to reflect on the many epiphanies with the people we encountered through Ernesto’s intuition, or perhaps with the help of some other unseen hand. I have a deep sense of thankfulness for the blessings of beauty found in the everyday lives of the people of this vast land.
I look forward to continuing my photographic development both here at home and in future workshops. Many thanks to Ernesto for sharing his gift. Mark Caceres


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