Endless Driving… Endless Blessing

Chiapada Diamantina, Brazil 2012

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® Marc CaceresI drove endlessly searching life, and life, every now and then, gave us back endless blessings. Mark and I greatly appreciated those simple, special situations we found ourselves in. Twice, we were invited for coffee in very humble houses where we were received as sacred guests. With coffee and one lunch came also great photographic surprises like the six black and white cats that appeared almost by magic when the old man pronounced some mysterious words or when our favorite little girls Natalia and Vitoria started creating beautiful photographic opportunities by simply being themselves. Our hard work has been paid off not only by the beautiful, intimate images taken by Mark, but also with all the unforgettable memories that will always stay with us. The workshop ended with the unique opportunity to photograph the traditional three Kings’ celebrations although in the end the kings were eleven. As I’ve already said, it was probably one of the most spiritual ceremonies that I have ever photographed in all my life. Mark’s last image was the final blessing of this unique, unforgettable, and almost endless workshop. EB

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