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New York, US 2008

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® Jack Wills

I’ve been in New York many times in the past, but the workshop there with Ernesto seemed to me my first real visit. From a rainy afternoon in Central Park to the colorful streets of Chinatown to the human swelter of Coney Island and its beach, to the labyrinth that is the New York subway system the eye and the camera never tired. Thanks to Ernesto and also to my colleagues in the workshop, Viky and Patrizio, I have now a deeper understanding of the meaning of being always a hunter for the evocative image that will capture a moment of our shared human experience. Such a success is, yes, highly elusive, especially for us highly fallible amateur photographers, but to discern a little bit more of the excitement of the chase — that’s a lot to gain in a short workshop and speaks volumes about the experience. Ernesto, you are El Hacedor, the Maker; we’ll meet again. Muchas gracias, Ernesto and Viky! Grazie, Patrizio! Jack Wills




® Patrizio Abei

There is a world that moves around us. There are faces, stories, thoughts and situations that transform this movement in a dance.If you add passion and humility you get something big, so big that you need to synthesize it: the synthesis of ten days in one moment. Patrizio Abbei




® Viky Poll

Ten days in New York, all new. I’m looking for good moments and also photographic moments. I wait for something to happen, I feel that something is happening although not much is moving ( someone’s look, a coincidence of lights, a person’s presence). Needless to say, something that moves you. And when that happens the world of “New” York unites with your own world. And I’m greatly surprised of how the new (with the illusion that it involves) makes you grow. I thank Ernesto (for guiding us) and Jack and Patrizio for sharing together this experience. Viky Poll




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