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Puna, Argentina 2008

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® Linda Kay Myers

This was my second workshop in Argentina and I returned to this country because I loved the beauty of the landscape, especially the profound peacefulness of the mountains.We had wonderful opportunities to observe the daily lives of the people, both their communal joy on festival days and the simple activities of preparing meals and tending goats and llamas.It was an unforgettable experience, spending a week with the people of Jujuy and I hope to return someday. Linda Kay Myer




® Paola Nalvarte

I thank Ernesto not only for having given me the opportunity to learn even more about his art, but also for having let me appreciate the silence of the highlands while I was acknowledging the photographic moments in my wandering; to have introduced me to know a brother country that shares my culture and landscapes, to which I feel closer today.

We enjoyed, every single day, the deep blue skies and amazing scenery, where every character and moment we photographed were considered presents given to us by the road we traveled on together Willard, Linda Kay, Paolo, Ernesto and I. Thank you! Paola Nalvarte




® Paolo Sollazzo




® Willard Plate

The name of the 2007 workshop in Argentina would be appropriate for the 2008 workshop as well–IN THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE. Like last year’s group, we moved through a brown landscape that seemed almost uninhabited as it stretched into infinite space. Yet there was a subtle difference: the people and situations we did encounter seemed, at least for me, easier to photograph. Perhaps the cause was simply that I was there for the second time and thus knew what to expect; perhaps it was just luck (or a smile from the Goddess of Photography). But whatever, this workshop was one of the most enjoyable I have taken, and I came away with a feeling that photographic opportunities were easier to find than I had thought last year. Photographing in the Puna of Argentina will always be more of a challenge than photographing in a number of other locations, but it’s a challenge I want to give myself again someday. I just hope that Ernesto will decide to go back. Willard Pate




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