Moon Shadow

Puna, Argentina 2008

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® Paolo Sollazo

My second workshop teaching in the Argentinean Puna, a place that I’ve come to love for its sheer wild beauty and its infinite silences. I knew that by returning the students and I have would have had a second chance to take better images. I believe we all managed, especially Willard and Linda Kay who were at their second workshop. Their new photographs are a confirmation of the importance of “returning”. And although for Paola and Paolo was their first trip, the personal images that they took captured some of the essence of the place and its people.

We returned to some of the same locations and discovered new ones. We met new people and rencountered old ones. After a long day out working hard, feeling the warmth of our own bed at night was the greatest reward along with drinking some fine Argentinean Malbec and eating some fine meat.

Ariel, our fantastic guide, told us many beautiful stories on the history of this fascinating land. It was a pleasure to listen to them while drinking mate or chewing coca leaves to help us deal with the altitude.

I would like to return and delve other aspects of life in the Puna during other times of the year. I’m not sure when, but its magnetic draw will bring me back sooner than I expect. EB


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