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Oaxaca, Mexico 2008

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® Alessandro Mattioni


When I enrolled to the Oaxaca workshop a few months ago, I didn’t know Ernesto personally; I had seen some of his work on the web and I was totally unaware of his fame. What attracted me was his photographic vision that seeps out as a hidden direction, from the students’ galleries of previous workshops. Once we reached Oaxaca, the first impression seizing you is the anxiety and the desire to start seeing with a new soul and new eyes: but what needs to be done, from where to start? Then there is the harsh and rightly pitiless portfolio’s review of your work. It’s followed by the first rolls taken, which were completely worthless. The eye and, above all, your heart must take over and they need to start seeing and “feeling” the moments that you want to capture. I constantly pondered upon Ernesto’s words of encouragement and on his recommendations trying to put them into practice. Slowly you come out from the dark, something lights up and finally the final result in not even comparable with the images you had brought ten days before. We delved ourselves into the Halloween parades packed with masked characters; we followed the dancing through the streets and in the cemetery; we meandered through the packed markets alleys rich of life and colors; we spent one night inside a magical cemetery lit by thousand of candles, conversing with the people, sharing mezcal. Beyond photography the workshop was an intense and unforgettable experience. A full immersion in a rich culture, open and hospitable that has welcomed us and has allowed us to capture some significant moments. This profound human and photographic experience, which has been a watershed from my previous photographic activity, was accomplished also thanks to the wonderful mutual work of all the students and Ernesto. Thanks to you all! Please say hi to Juan as well. Alessandro Mattioni



® Fernando Pulleiro


Never would I have ever imagined that in a lapse of such short period of time, as the ten days spent in Oaxaca with Ernesto and the group, I would have changed so much my photographic vision. His passion and generosity made the miracle to create a fantastic group, supportive and also entertaining. Ernesto’s unique vision on life shows all its splendor when he teaches, corrects, stimulate and motivate his students. Of his talent… it’s unnecessary to talk about, his photographs speak for themselves. Thank you maestro Ernesto and I hope to met you again in my life. Fernando Pulleiro

® Judy Babinski


Thanks so much to Ernesto for another wonderful Dia de los Muertos workshop.We all must make the right sacrifices to the goddess of photography, as she was very generous to all of us. And thanks to Alessandro, Fernando, Keith and Juan, my fellow travelers. I really enjoyed your companionship and photos. Judy Babinski

® Kieth Prue


After four prior workshops with Ernesto, I started with my mind doubting my participation. It was soon apparent through my heart why I was in Oaxaca. Not only did I fall in love with the people in a way that had not touched me before, but also the passion and connectedness to my work and my love for Ernesto – his vitality and awareness of the beauty and preciousness of life that is quite moving – reduced me to tears on more than one occasion. I believe my work has gone to a new level of consistency – and my seeing so fresh – and for that I thank him from the only place I know: my heart. I also thank my fellow participants, without whom this journey would not have been so magical. Keith Prue

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