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Salvador de Bahia, Brazil 2020

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® Alexander Rehorovsky


Dear Ernesto, thank you for this beautiful experience. Once again, it was a special workshop that went so much beyond the pictures. The Orixás took good care of us and small things and magical moments were slowly adding up. I enjoyed the intimacy of time we were able to share with the many families of the Reconcavo, the slow rides in the countryside, I enjoyed the swims in the ocean, the freshness of the seafood and that closing celebration of Yemanja was just pure magic. The morning edits were tough as always and sharing with each other our previous work inspired so much.

Thank you David, thank you Mary Catherine and thank you Jim for being part of this and helping make this a special workshop. And thank you Sissy for bringing all the smiles and laughs and for allowing and also making Ernesto who he is.

Alexander Rehorovsky




® David Myers


I have been with Ernesto on other workshops and my previous experiences have been exceptional, yet Bahia was more than I expected. There was magic in the images we made. I have pondered why these 10 days were so different since returning home. Was it the location? Was it the always engaging critiques of our work, led by Ernesto. Was it making new friends? Was it the intimacy with the people? Was it the celebrations of Yemanja? Was it the good companionship?  And, it could have been all the above!  All I know is that there were beautiful moments in front of us that were gifts.  This is a place to return to, over and over. 

David Myers




® Jim Hartsen


Coming to Bahia was a mystical, magical and spiritual experience for me.   Ernesto always finds beautiful people in interesting places we only have to capture the Magic before us.  That’s the hard but fun part. 

Photographing and seeing the world in a more connected state, the people, places and objects that call out to be photographed from deep within me. They always  end up being the significant images I try to capture. It is like an inner glow, when you make a conscious connection with your subject.  Photography is not about yesterday or tomorrow.  It’s about the fleeting magical moment you see when you release the shutter on the camera.  It’s about NOW!!!    

Thanks to Ernesto and my new friends and fellow photographers for your tough morning critiques.  YOU are my “CREATIVE AUDIENCE”, your input was so helpful and sometimes painful, but always CORRECT. Life begins just outside of your comfort zone!

Jim Hartsen






Having never been to the southern hemisphere, I looked forward to the Salvador Bahia workshop as a new adventure. Little did I know the wonders I would find. My sensory overload was evident in the first images I made which tried to simply describe for myself and others the wondrous environment in which I found myself. However, as the days continued – as I started to take my time to assimilate the language, the gentleness of the people, and the timelessness of the place – my images slowly began to evolve and to picture more than what was in front of me. Such an awakening! Thank you to Ernesto and my fellow students for their support and guidance – I will be forever grateful. I look forward to sharing more adventures with all of you down the road.

Mary Catherine Messner


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