Salvador de Bahia, Brazil 2020

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® Alexander Rehorovsky

I’m back to Bahia with my beloved Sissy and four students Alex, David, MC and Jim. I share with them the parts of Salvador that I’ve been photographing for over a decade and then we move on to Cachoeira and I introduce them to the families that I’ve known for so many years, some of the small towns where fishing, ceramics and farming have been the main occupation for these simple people.

But of course, the icing on the cake are the Yemanja’s celebrations both in Salvador and Itaparica. They are such special moments in the life and culture of the bahianos in which devotion and respect are always so prominent.

As always, we alternate the shooting with good meals, good company and intense editing sessions of their daily work.

We also have the time to look at some of Alexander and David’ personal work and some of mine. Choral editing continues to be a very important tool. We all benefit from all those great in-depth comments.

In the end each student has taken some very special images so different from one another, which beautifully highlight the rich and profound experience we all shared.

I return home with a happy heart! EB


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