Exploring Naples, Italy

Exploring NaplesNaples is a city that I’ve always loved, a city that reminded me so much of my native Palermo and of my dear Havana.
Almost like in a spell, every time I went there I was unable to spend more than a few days and unable to get to know the city more in depth and take pictures.

Thanks to this new workshop, I’ll break the spell and I’ll finally manage to spend ten full days to explore one of the most lively Italian cities.
One of the reasons that motivated me the most to create this workshop is the Saint Gennaro’s celebrations that we will be able to photograph the first Sunday of May.
The people’s participation to the feast of the miracle of the saint’s blood is unique and it will allow us to witness one of the most evocative moments of this pulsating and devout city.
Along with my students we will also meander through the old parts of town searching for that unique daily life that makes Naples stand out so much. We will focus our attention on the Spanish Quarters and the Forcella neighborhoods, the area around the train station, the palpating old markets of Montesanto and Poggioreale, the long water promenades flanking the Mediterranean.
I will also take my students to see life around the Vesuvio. We will visit the dormant crater of this volcano overlooking the city. We will also travel to the island of Procida and to Roman ruins of Ercolano and Pompei.
The workshop will be a full immersion in the Neapolitan culture and his people.
As in all BPW eating good food will be part of this unforgettable experience. Besides savoring the incredible pizzas Naples is famous for, you will also have the opportunity to taste some other delicious plates that make Neapolitan cousine so special.
It will be a rare opportunity to visit after the Easter in Sicily workshop another slice of  fascinating and mysterious Southern Italy. Several students are already talking of taking both workshops.
I look forward to finally being able to photograph in this unique city. EB

To receive further info and the cost of the workshop please write to: ernesto_bazan@hotmail.com or bazanphoto@yahoo.com

Refund Policy
I rely on your attendance to organize many of the workshops’ logistics, so if for any reason you decide to no longer attend the workshop, please notify me at least 60 days before the start of the workshop. At that time I will refund your fee minus $200 cancelation fee. If you cancel between 30 and 60 days before the start of the workshop I will retain $250 as a cancellation fee. If notification is made less than 30 days before the start of the workshop no monies will be refunded to you.

Please note that in case of exceptional and unforeseeable circumstances such as hurricanes, earthquakes, major floods, tsunami, a war or governments’ change of policies in the countries I teach courses, BazanPhotos will only offer as a refund a new workshop in any of the other venues during that same calendar year. No other forms of refunds will be available.


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