Under the Rain

Sacred Valley and Cuzco, Peru 2010

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I have been for the first time to my my beloved sacred valley around Cuzco in February. The excuse has been another unforgettable workshop with 14 students and four of their nice teachers from Ross School, a unique and innovative learning place. It has been at the same time a new opportunity to share my small photographic “secrets” and the challenges of street photography with my young students and to continue to delve more on my photographic work in one of the most beautiful and pristine location on planet Earth. In spite of the strong floods and avalanches that seemed to follow us around during the whole trip, we managed to photograph life and death in its myriad nuances. I’ll always remember the semi naked freezing little girls that were swimming in the lake or that dismal and grieved funeral that unfolded before our eyes in that village almost totally wiped out the nigh before by what seemed an universal deluge. I’m always amazed in seeing the images taken by my young students. I feel proud of them, but even more so for their humanitarian spirit that resides in the heart of each one of the students. I remember that while watching them distributing milk, bread and rice to the children of the unfortunate village I felt a knot in my throat.

The Goddess of photography loyally accompanied us each step of the way rewarding us with marvelous “photographic moments”. I thank their photographic teachers Alexia and Kerry and the students’ parents for their renewed trust on this Sicilian maestro. How about Sicily next year?



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