Pietro Bazan Scholarship Gallery 2015

by Peter Dobis

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Peter had brought to Naples all his images from the Bratislava project he has been working on and with which he won one of the two BPW scholarships this year 2015. The philosophy of the BPW  Fund is not simply giving a free workshop: it’s caring and guiding young, talented students through the path of life in which photography is just a part of. Along with the other students we took the time to edit and sequence his images the best way we could. I didn’t do it by myself: each one of them greatly helped! Peter clearly knows now that he needs to continue to plumb the depths of depravity and desperation without never loosing hope. This is what we did together. EB



® Peter Dobis


I would like to share some thoughts about my experience from the workshop in Naples with Ernesto Bazan. The whole stay in Naples was a wonderful experience just from the beginning.
We had intensive program and were exploring the whole city every single day, even very remote and interesting places. By the end of each day we enjoyed common great dinner eating best italian pizza you can wish for.
As for the photography itself, the quality of the course surpassed my already high initial expectations. Ernesto is simply a great teacher; devoting much of his time, energy and attention to his students. He goes into detail, explaining editing, sequencing, he shows how to critically evaluate others work regardless the name of the respective photographer. On top of that Ernesto shared his own unpublished work with us and asked for our opinions and help with the edit. This is what he does, he really shares with his students and treats everyone as equal, which is truly exceptional.
Last but not least, I met wonderful people, Salvatore Esposito great man and award-winner photographer from Naples, Luisa, Agnieszka, Jacek and Andrea. I had great time with all of them.
To be very open, I can only recommend workshops with Ernesto. If I could, I would go with him to every single workshop, such a pleasure it was and so much I learnt from him.

Peter Dobis


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