Elsy Hull Scholarship Gallery 2016

by Tammy Merino

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® Tammy Merino


I am immensely thankful to be able to further develop my project along the guide, support and help of Ernesto and the other students and so happy to have the opportunity to return to all the Brazilian communities that make my heart smile! I want to thank everyone who put a bit of love to make this possible! Thank you Ernesto, Chad Anderson, Frank Baudino, Kevin Sweeney, Sandra Pereznieto and Tomasz Tomaszewski for your time and for appreciating the work of each participant. And thanks to all the students and external partners for supporting us, because of you we can go a step further and keep following our dreams! Three years ago when I discovered Ernesto’s workshops I put all my savings on the table and followed my intuition.

I did not think it twice! I had always worked to travel, so despite the monetary effort I knew the reward was going to be bigger. I wanted to keep learning and having new challenges in life, but I never thought that the experience would change my life.

As most of you know, Ernesto’s workshops are a unique experience far beyond the photographic achievement. Although photography plays a very important role, the most beautiful thing I learned from this experience was at a human and spiritual level. Ernesto has a wonderful energy that guides you through with his honesty and sensibility. He is your partner, your teacher, your friend, your guide and the person who challenges your photographic and personal boundaries every day. I’m anxious to hug one more time all the wonderful people of the Brazilian communities!!

Tammy Merino


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