Elsie Hull Scholarship Gallery 2014

by Rafael Ruiz

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Please check out his pictures taken during the Easter in Sicily celebrations in 2013 and 2014. I’m very proud of what Rafael was able to capture with his magnificent, unique vision. Bravo! EB



® Rafael Ruiz


You know? There are many scholarships a photographer can choose from: there are scholarships that provide great trips, lots of money, training, including unusual and incredible experiences, but I can assure you that none has the freshness, spirituality and “the truth” of Ernesto Bazan’s scholarships.

I say it knowingly because I formed the epicenter of it, I enjoyed it during Holy Week this year in 2014 although the fellowship was created last year. I was in the middle of that group of people who made it possible. It was a whirlwind of pure feelings. I could feel with my heart the amazing, magical energy created by Ernesto flowing among us coming from every part of the planet. I can say without hesitation that my life has changed!. I’ve never seen people who were able to take a thousand dollars out of their pocket to allow a young, hopeful photographer like me to continue his training with the photographer that I liked the most in the history of photography. It has been a poignant and unique life’s lesson. There are experiences that ” touch you ” deeply and transform something in you forever. I’ll never forget those days in Ernesto’s magic workshop in Sicily.

If you’ve been looking at Ernesto’s photos, his website, his students’ work it’s because you will surely be connecting at a deep levels with the angel that Ernesto has around him. Besides being an incredible photographer he is facilitator of amazing dreams. You must follow your intuitions!

Juxtapositions, multiple planes, distracting elements sneak into the eternal moment that I’m trying to capture. Yes, it’s often dizzying and difficult to get it. I will not lie to you, I’ve never regretted delving more into photography, in the labyrinths created by my own mind. But sometimes I think that it was much easier taking pictures earlier on in my career. But then I realize that this was because I used to photograph in a less conscious way.

Only this way you find your “true” path. This might be the first step to take your photography to the next level.

Thanks Ernesto, David, Colin, Andree, Monica, Brindusa and all the other generous people that made this scholarship possible.

Rafael Ruiz


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