Newsletter 33

June 2014

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Newsletter 33

Dear students and friends,

I hope these words find you well. Many things have happened since I last wrote. The most important one is that finally Isla, the last book of my Cuban trilogy has been printed and the books are in the process of being packed and shipped both to Italy and the US. Isla looks stunning for the amazing printing that we have used combined with the paper. As promised, I hope by the end of July beginning of August to be able to send copies to all of you who generously supported this effort.

All the new dates for all my workshops for 2015 have been posted on my web page.

Bazan Photos Workshops 2015

All this year’s workshops have been a true blessing. You can now see the students’ images of the first two Bahian workshops Tudo Bem, Tudo Legal and Los Kankas on the new web page

After Brazil, the following workshops were held in Italy. First I taught the one of Easter in Sicily where I had the privilege to have my friend Jeff Jacobson co-teach with me. We greatly enjoyed the experience and so did the students of the group Where Do You Stand, Do You Capisco?

The workshop was precious with a very special energy among all of us. It was so rewarding to have Rafael Ruiz return to the workshop after being the first winner of the BPW scholarship. Soon the images he took during the workshop will be also showed in a separate gallery in the Scholarship Fund section of the web page.

In March of this year the five judges for the second scholarship (Andree Thorpe, David Myers, Monica Jimenez, Willard Pate and myself) unanimously awarded it to Jordi Pizarro of Spain. He will be taking my August Bahian workshop coming up. You can see some of his work by visiting his web page:

The Naples workshop followed and it was a true discovery to be able to finally explore Naples and its surrounding areas. Juan joined my students and me for a few days. We greatly enjoyed the openness of the Neapolitan and their warm sense of hospitality. Both Emanuela and Fabio managed to take their work to a higher level. I’m proud of both of them.

The two Peruvian workshops followed. First I went to the Sacred Valley with my students/friends Sandra Pereznieto, Linda Kay Myers, Willard Pate and my beloved Sissy. She simply loved Peru. The five of us had an amazing time and great images have come out of this workshop. The exploration of the sacred valley continued and I feel that with every workshop my students’ images along with mine get more intimate. Due to the fact that two students used film, it will take some time before we will have them on the students’ gallery

The Amazon workshop was next. Some good students joined me. The energy was very special and we were able to create the very amazing group Go With The Flow. As I said earlier, I consider that this workshop has been the best course I’ve taught in thirteen years. Once you will take a look at the images and read both my students’ comments and my intro you will better understand my words. The pictures are coming soon.

I’ve now some time to rest before I embark on my next adventure, which will be the New York workshop that will start on July 19th and will go through the 25th. It will be an intensive one-week workshop and it will give students the opportunity to study with me in the US rather than having to travel to Latin America or Sicily.

Then in August, I’ll be teaching the beautiful summer in Bahia workshop in Brazil. As I mentioned earlier Jordi Pizarro, the winner of the second scholarship will be joint the group. The workshop is a very intense 10-day full immersion in the local culture and daily life. We will be spending time on the Island of Itaparica continuing to work with the fishermen communities, we will be in Salvador for a few days to explore this incredible city and then we will delve into the Reconcavo Bahiano the heart of the rural area around Salvador.
There is still some room for it and you still have time to organize your trip to share this magnificent experience with me.

Please take a look at the students’ gallery of the group Na Verdade to get a good sense of what the students managed to accomplish last year.

The Day of the Dead workshop will be next. For the first time, I’ll be teaching a 12-day workshop to provide my students with more photo opportunities. We will also have more time to share our life and to look at some of my students’ projects that we are trying to turn into book in the years to come.
My dream is that by the time I’ll turn sixty in 2019, God willing, BazanPhotos Publishing will have 8 titles of my students and I already published. Several students have been chosen already and their work has been scheduled: Willard Pate’s book on animals will be published in 2015. Juan de la Cruz amazing color personal work on Mexico will be published in 2016; Giorgio Negro’s b&w images from Latin America are due out in 2016/17.
Other talent students are still working hard to complete their personal projects. It will be a great joy when several books will be out in the world to be seen and shared.

Please be advised that the Oaxaca workshop is getting full rapidly and only a few space are left.
Just take a look at the beautiful workshop we had last year with the group Los Otros Y Nosotros.

The workshop in the Sacred Valley of Peru will follow in November. I’ve ben teaching this workshop for the last 13 years. I continue to return to this sacred land full of magic.
Last year we had a great group called The Vampire of Photography. You can see what they did by clicking on the link below.

Finally, at the end of this year in December, I will teach again the workshop of the Virgin of Guadalupe. Unlike last year where I met with my students directly in Mexico City, I made a vow to the Virgin that I’ll walk for four days from Puebla to Mexico City along with the pilgrims. I know that I need to walk to show my faith and to capture faith like never before.
Who’s ready to follow me will follow. I already know that I’ll do it even by myself although my good friend Juan told me already that I could count on him.

I send you a big hug and look forward to hearing from you.


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