Galleria Scirocco

Sicilia, Italia 2007

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® Ana Bezanilla


Visiting Sicily has made me realize that is an island on which people welcome you with open arms and have a penchant for charity. That being said, on the contrary one cannot fully appreciate a beautiful sight without something sinister within it. And that sliver of hardship and distance is exactly what made this experience so vital and so important in understanding the social aspect of photography, and in cultivating a deep appreciation for the culture and people of this beautiful island. Ana Bezanilla




® Christopher Jungert

This photo workshop has not only challenged me in my style of photography, but changed the way I approach all types of photography. Shooting in Sicily has broadened my perspective and added to my experience. Chris Jungert


® Evan Graff

Ernesto’s teaching has helped me learn to see special moments while I am out shooting. While greatly improving my street photography, this workshop has also given me a wonderful sense of Sicilian daily life and culture. Evan Graff



® Jeremy Handrup

Working with Ernesto on this beautiful island was an amazing experience. It opened my eyes, once again, to the possibilities of photography as a passion and maybe even a future career. Jeremy Handrup



® Michael Bump

The journey from Chicago to Sicily was probably one of the most stressful, aggravating, and embarrassing experiences I have ever been through. However, my bitterness was dashed upon arriving to this unique island with its warm-hearted people and breath taking landscapes. I can honestly say that even if our troubles were quadrupled, this trip would still be well worth the problems. Ernesto is not just a teacher, but rather a sage with enough passion to inspire a hundred photographers. It was an honor to learn from him. Mike Bump



® Nick Feder

Being young and having this type of photographic experience was unforgettable. Ernesto’s guidance and teachings made the journey incredible. Nick Feder



® Page Redding


As being the youngest photographer on this trip, I came in feeling nervous about how my abilities would compare to others. But as the trip went on, I learned that it’s not about the other’s capabilities, it’s about your own. After this whole experience, I have learned so much about life and that it’s not always going to be perfect. All in all I have learned so much and am so grateful to everyone who made this trip incredibly memorable. Page Redding




® Sarah Tully


Over the past week I have learned so much about myself and my abilities. For me, this experience has been almost like the beginning of a new chapter. I have realized that the skills I have learned thus far in my photographic career are skills I can take with me and apply to my future. This trip really has got me thinking about what I want to do with my photography and what role I want it to play in the rest of my life. Sarah Tully





® Steven Jones


Ernesto’s teaching method inspired me to take my street photography to the next level. He opened my eyes to the idea that I could make statements about life through photography. Steven Jones





® Sydney Marcus

This trip has taught me about a different aspect of photography that I don’t usually shoot. I feel like I’ve grown as a photographer during this experience and I will carry with me what I have learned, not just about photography as a whole, but about myself and who I am. Sydney Marcus


® Willy Sullivan



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