Never Lose Hope

Chiapada Diamantina, Brazil 2018

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® Cesare SimioniI had two angels by my side: Cesare and Frank. The first provided his own car and drove with all love and determination all the way to Chapada Diamantina and Back (6 hours drive each way plus all the driving around while there), the second was a great source of inspiration and strength.
Along with my own inspiration and guidance we made miracles!
The time spent with Carmona and her large family in the terreiro (along with her house one of the most inspiring locations of all my life where my students and I have taken some of our best images ever) is indescribable for the same simple and precious moments that were unfolding before our eyes constantly. Some we’ve managed to capture including the offering of the presents to Yemanja in the low water of the river.
Cesare and Frank’s exceptional work will be definitely remembered and appreciated for a long, long time because we never lost hope! EB


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