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Salvador de Bahia, Brazil 2018

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© Juan Pablo Ampudia


In Ernesto’s workshops we always grow spiritually and photographically. A magical mix of photos and experiences. This workshop was not the exception! An unforgettable celebration that will be with me for a long time! And of course the joy of sharpening my eye through the advice of Ernesto and his community of students. JP Ampudia



© Kerim Can Ertug


After seven years returning back to Bahia felt very special.  With Ernesto’s guidance and the magic of Yemanja, I was able to look into my-self and focus on feelings and my photographs.  Our small group had a very positive energy; we were spontaneous and followed the little signs that came across to us.
Thank you Ernesto, once again, for pushing me and giving me space to look inwards. I hope our next session will be coming soon! Kerim Can Ertug



© Romain Fournier


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