Mortadella & Rambos

Salvador de Bahia, Brazil 2019

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® Massimo BortolanJust finished a unique special workshop in my beloved Bahia with two special students Cynthia Johnston and Massimo Bortolan. We received a ton of blessings from all the generous people we met along the way. We tried to give generosity back.

We started with being invited to a candomblè ceremony the very first day of the workshop. I knew that by having such a beginning, many other surprises would come our way as they did. The Yemanja’s celebrations were magnificent; encountering all the families I’ve been photographing for years, bringing food to them, eating Jackfruit with them picked off the tree was wonderful. Each day had its own intensity and beauty.

Once again, the workshop went beyond images; it brought us together in many different ways including during the editing of their work and the generous and rigorous editing of my new Cuban project that I received. Their suggestions greatly helped me advance it.

Massimo told me something that nobody had never told me before: “By living such intense experiences at each workshop you must be 200 years old!” I looked at him and smiled. They took some amazing pictures in our many adventures in our group Mortadella and Rambos.



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