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Salvador de Bahia, Brazil 2017

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® Juan Pablo Ampudia


Ernesto’s workshops are always loaded with a very special energy and this workshop in Bahia was not the exception, a small group with an amazing synergy that allowed me a closeness with Ernesto and our subjects. 3 photographers in tune with an incredible culture that opened for us the doors of their lives without expecting anything in return. Magical and invaluable moments between talks, photos and experiences that as always, make me grow as a human being and as a photographer. It was a cathartic trip where I had the opportunity to review a very personal and important project for me, a trip in which I understood many things and that helped me to forgive and just love. I can not wait to return to Bahia and continue to marvel at their hospitality and humility, and of course continue learning from Ernesto and his incredible network of talented students. Juan Pablo Ampudia



® Robert Musial


“Salvador de Bahia was my next photographic workshop which I had the opportunity to spend with Ernesto. I could say that after having shared more workshops’ experiences in Porto, Portugal and then in the Peruvian amazon (Iquitos and Pebas), then in Naples. We are good friends who know what to expect from each other, although we, sometimes, found ourself in unexpected situations. The personality of the Master attracts people, events, and simple stories transform themselves into extraordinary ones, inspiring the participants of the workshops deeply beyond standard circumstances. It was also this time in Bahia. Starting from swimming together in the sea in the morning through an unusual, long car trip to the celebrations of Yemanja, we were influenced by extremely inspiring challenges. The personality of Ernesto revealed stories to us, that only a few could observe, and even less capture them. 
It was not only another adventure with photography, but most of all, a possibility of a totally spiritual experience in the company of people who were completely real in what they did and how they lived. That’s how I feel about Ernesto and his workshop.
Ernesto, thank you very much. Robert Musial


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