Medio Kilo de Desmadre Mexicano

Oaxaca, Mexico 2017

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®Patty DadaThis incredible life-affirming workshop is over and I’m in awe for the profound spirituality that has pervaded the entire group, the entire time we shared from the very start.
Never before we had all made one another so vulnerable, so open, and so willing to help and support each member of the group. But it wasn’t just photography-related; we truly came together as human beings that Life, using the excuse of my workshop Day of Dead in Oaxaca, brought us together. The deep empathy, the great learning lessons that we all received would have not been possible just in a photo workshop.
Along with Lei, Judith, Patty, Monica, Morton, Lorenzo, Juan, Giorgio and Xan we made that the impossible would become possible.
As I like to say, after the miracle of their beautiful images, the heart-felt words that each one of them took the time to write are a true blessing in my life.
Many learning lessons were absorbed including the ones of our 81-year-old lad Morton who taught all of us that life needs to be lived at its fullest each second we have! Being able to overcome sadness, depression, difficulties even death is what Morton told us with very simple words.
The many questions Lei asked all of us, the long and inspiring editing sessions, the time spent with locals in the cemeteries, the long drives, the many mescal experiences, the mushroom journey are just a few of the highlights of this workshop that will never be forgotten! L’chaim! To life! EB


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