Playing Bahia Yemanja

Salvador de Bahia, Brazil 2016

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® David SaxeAfter the soulful solo workshop with Calvin, I’m back in Salvador to meet David, Mike and Romain for the Yemanja workshop.
David and Mike were studying with me for the first time, Romain has been here with me five times and he’s slowly working on his unique body of work in color about his personal vision of Bahia that we both hope will become a book in the near future.
It was particularly beautiful to see how in just a few days we all fit right in and the new comers were perfectly understanding my way of looking at images.
We were very fortunate to be able to photograph many beautiful events one after the other including the Yemanja’s celebrations that become, year after year, more intimate and complex.
Besides the daily editing of their work in which I helped them to train their eye in a more severe and profound way, we also spent time looking at some of my personal projects including the upcoming book on my life and family Before Your Grow Up… and the first three Cantos from Bahia. They also helped me edit Juan de la Cruz’s book The Labyrinth and Giorgio Negro’s book Latin Americas both due to be published by BPP in 2018.
It has been another meeting of good souls and besides their intimate and personal images what will remain with me are their endearing words that each one of them took the time to write about the moments that life brought us together.



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