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Salvador de Bahia, Brazil 2016

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® Calvin Chen


Headed back home, with another wonderful experience with Ernesto Bazan. I have known Ernesto for the the past several years, and what has always stood out is his steadfast belief that there exists a higher spiritual order of things. And that if we have faith in our own intuition, are silent enough to listen and strong enough to persevere… maybe, just maybe, we can tap into this realm. It’s the realm of magic.

How else can you explain Ernesto having a workshop with just me? It’s with this faith, that things were exactly how they were meant to be, we set off on our journey. Magic seemed to shine everywhere, and even the endless rain I brought from Portland couldn’t seem to  diminish it. It was there in the houses where we were welcomed like family, eating Jaka fruit and tea. It was there in the morning swim in the ocean. It was certainly there in the abandoned mines where a tribute was made to the fallen miners. And it was there when our hostess gave me a flower called “forever green” a flower sold by the miners when there was no gold to be found.

Much as the miners were looking for gold, we were looking for the spiritual. And in those fleeting moments, we were lucky enough to witness it together. Calvin Chen


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