Mud Club Holy Shit

Cuzco, Peru 2015

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® Andrea de FranciscisWhen you have a good group of students, you can immediately feel their energy, their ability to blend in among themselves and with me. The group Mud Club: Holy Shit was what I’d describe a “natural” group. It doesn’t happen very often to get stuck in mud twice at above 4000 meters. Luckily we have a lovely video of that and we look forward to seeing the edited version soon courtesy of Fabio, our Brazilian member of the group.

Adrian, Andrea, Fabio, Lianne and Jordi magically came for different reasons. Together we worked hard, shared meals, life and much laughter.
I took them to the places where I’ve been taking pictures for the last fifteen years, sharing the knowledge.
It was so special to see their progress as the days unfolded. As always, each one of them taking personal images totally different from one other although we all took pictures of the same situations. Adrian, our sweet British-Peruvian Indiana Jones, simply blossomed leaving behind all his fears. He now knows that he’s a baby photographer ready to take hi first steps.
Andrea with his warm personality and a unique way of communicating (a mixture of Italian, English, Spanish and Neapolitan dialect) showed us great talent he has by surprising us with some beautiful color images. I’m waiting for the day when we will bring Delhirium to light! Keep working!
Fabio broke away from the journalistic mold and took some of the most intimate pictures of the workshop, which really show what a special person he is.
Lianne with her unique away of selected focusing turned ordinary moments into personal gems.
And then there was our sweet Jordi the Catalan that was finally coming to take his well-deserved BPW scholarship. I was touched by his tenacity, which reminded me of myself when I was his age. This almost blind determination to keep on no matter how challenging the world out there is. His black and white images speak for themselves. I know that he’ll go far!

I’ll conclude by saying that all of them have given themselves a new rendezvous next year in Iquitos with me to show them another special microcosm. This symbolic gesture says it all about how lucky I’m and how united we were!
Then we went to Qoyllur Riti pilgrimage together. But as I like to say, this is another story!



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