Door Slammers Easter

Sicily, Italy 2015

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® Daniele AlamiaI’d start by saying that this has been the most graceful and soulful workshop held in Sicily to date. The wonderful energy that bound all of us together gave us the opportunity to live an extraordinary time.
This was my fourteen workshop in a row in my native island of Sicily at Easter. Only David, in his fourth Easter workshop, was a repeat student. All the other ten students were new including my good, old friend Daniele Alamia. Together we were finally fulfilling our dream of having him attending one of my workshops.
Along with Anthony, Brendan, Johneth, Linda, Maarten, Rosanna, Tania and Winnie and our wonderful Giorgio, my assistant, we created a formidable group.
Photography felt like it was just a mere excuse for being there. The experience was very magical and spiritual. We shared many laughter and tears: we shared the preciousness of life.
Whenever I decide to take a detour during a workshop something special happens. This has not been the exception! We took a wonderful tour visiting some abandoned villages destroyed by the earthquake and many unexpected photographic opportunities started cropping up.
For the first time, we also spent a day in Favignana the beautiful island facing Trapani.
The workshop’s possibilities suddenly expanded and the images taken by the students are a reflection of that.
What touched me the most was the great sense of generosity that pervaded the entire experience. Most students became proud owners of my Cuban trilogy and graciously donated for the BPW scholarship’s fundraising in a generous way.
Another highlight was having Giorgio’s parents sharing Sunday’s Easter meal with us. What a treat that was!
I did all I could to help each student developing their own visual language. Linda showed her intimate project on life and death. David shared his ongoing series on Easter. Some pictures were eliminated and new ones added providing a deeper vision.
Daniele, my Sicilian friend, took some very unique image raising his photographic level several notches.
I did all I could to also guide Anthony, Brendan, Johneth, Maarten, Rosanna, Tania and Winnie to go past a rational and the intellectual approach and create images that would stimulate more both our heart and soul.
The comments by each student speak for themselves and provide an added value to the whole experience.
As I like to say: take a look at their images and comments and simply judge for yourself.
I humbly thank all of you for making this workshop possible. Our combined aura did the rest.



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