Where Do You Stand?, Do You Capisco?

Sicily, Italy 2014

NEW: Workshop Master Series with Jeff Jacobson as invited teacher

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® Jonathan KornbergThis 13th workshop in my native island can be described as the course of the dreams come through.
Only a year ago during the Easter workshop we managed to create, almost by divine will, the BPW Scholarships Fund. It was quite moving to me and some of the other students who had so generously helped establish the fund including Andree, David, Colin, Juan and Monica to see Rafa return for another year. What a treat!
Then we had the miracle of being blessed with the presence of my good friend and great color visionaries Jeff Jacobson. We had never taught together before, but deep inside I knew that it was going to be magical. And so it was! Talking about his life’s work, agreeing or disagreeing when editing the students’ images, sharing those amazing never-ending Sicilian meals were simply a God’s gift for both and all our wonderful disciples: Colin, Daniela, David, Javier, Jonathan, Jojo, Markus, Rafael, Sergio and Tasha.
The third dream in order of importance was to be able to share with my mother and brothers first, and then with the entire group the first unbound copy of Isla. Most of the students in the group along with Jeff and Giorgio had been instrumental in helping me bring the last chapter of my Cuban trilogy to light. I compare it to a beautiful baby girl with her amazing printing on that out-of-this world paper we used.
Colin, David, Sorin and Rafael’s show of some of their best images from Easter 2013 was another priceless gift, which was made even more special by having my family there.
Having had Giorgio as my assistant was another miracle. His kindness will always be remembered along with the beautiful video he made. Best of luck to you in your new life with Valentina.
Last but not least, the simple miracle of life that we all communally lived and shared with renewed enthusiasm, generosity and joy in those ten unforgettable days.


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