Sissy and Willard´s Eggs

Intimate Journey Cuzco, Peru 2014

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® Sandra PereznietoHuge is the happiness of being surrounded by the love of my Sissy that for the first time is here with me in these mountains of Peru that I feel very close to the soul. It’s a workshop of all special women with the presence of the beloved Willard who came to follow his twenty-sixth workshop together; Sandra that after Brazil and Oaxaca decided to try taking pictures in this country that I love as if I were born here, and, finally, Linda Kay who faithfully returned for the third time.
We continue to climb up at the top; we continue to explore these mountains, which are still virgin, where the trace of the human presence is just hinted.
My gaze enjoys the view; it’s touched by this spectacle of divine creation.
Along the way we encounter herds of alpaca looking at us curiously, chickens and dogs that wonder on huge extensions of freshly harvested corn, a little girl who watches self-absorbed television while behind her a painted, loner horse seems to be riding, many students out on the street celebrate the founding of the school.
As always we try to capture the essence of these moments of life clashing with the difficulties that we already know well.
Daily we edit Sandra’s photos: the only one who’s shooting digitally. I realize that she has finally found the place where her soul merges with that of the people, of the animals and with that of the proud mountains. Her photos speak clearly and so does her desire to begin to learn Quechua.
The rain often surprises us and gives us magical and unexpected atmospheres. Undaunted we photograph feeling that the Pacha Mama is slowly revealing herself shy and generous to our eyes.
Every time I look up and meet Sissy’s eyes my heart melts.



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