Los Kankas

Salvador de Bahia, Brazil 2014

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® Umit OkanMy workshops are a meeting point among friends that have known one another for years and that with a certain regularity they gather in the different places where I teach my workshop from over a decade. As I like to say, they are life adventures and go well beyond a simple photographic journey. But when together with a student friend like Umit, I also have with me my best friend Juan de la Cruz and my beloved Sissy it becomes clear that it will be a very special one. And so it was!
The intimacy of our friendship brought us to an unforgettable way of sharing.
Juan was happy to be finally in Brazil, and continued to find Cuba and his Veracruz in my adored Bahia. He understood why I say that it’s my new Cuba. To be recognized by so many families makes me happy and help us to take pictures closer to the people that open their life to us with generosity and enthusiasm.
Umit has managed to tell the Yemanyá celebrations reducing the distance with his subjects, by taking personal and intimate images.  Sissy with his sweet presence has gladdened our hearts, especially mine. The group Los Kankas ( friends in Turkish) is a new reality.
I’m a happy and lucky man!


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