Due Ricce e Una Liscia

Naples, Italy 2014


Español       Italiano

® Fabio BarzaghiI finally managed to spend ten days in the mysterious city of Naples. I’m glad I did.
Juan, the students and I explored so much from the city entrails full of surprises with a beautiful underground spring and thousand of skulls neatly arranged to the external beauty of the city with the Spanish quarters with its narrow alleys, the harbor, the castles, the infinite seagulls dancing on the sky, the dormant Vesuvius, smoking hot springs, the charming small island of Procida, Pompeii, the feast of San Gennaro and the warm, devout, welcoming Neapolitan that opened their life to us.
The religious procession we run into will never be forgotten. The kids graciously dancing with their banisters before the Virgin was very moving. The glorious food including the delicious pizzas made our stay very special. My friend Salvatore Esposito’s presence gave that extra touch to the entire experience. I’m very proud of Emanuela and Fabio’s work; each so different, each so personal and intimate, they managed to capture the soul of this incredible city.


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