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Salvador de Bahia, Brazil 2014

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® Erika Arrieta


It was a great experience in many different levels: human, photographic and creative. I learned a lot and I am thankful to Ernesto and the contribution of all of you guys that helped me to have a different view of what a good photo should look like. At some times I was disappointed but the challenge was worth it.
I am really looking forward to do another workshop with you Ernesto very soon.
Cheers! Erika Arrieta


® Francesco Pavia


A workshop with Ernesto is not only a lesson in photography:it’s a life lesson! I discovered that every moment has its own poetic and I figured out how to stop the magic moments on film. The photographs I have taken here in Bahia are an incredible, huge quality leap although Ernesto doesn’t talk too much about technicalities, focal lengths and digital sensors: these things are not what makes special a photograph, but to look with your heart, not with your eyes. I realized how damn difficult is to take a good photograph and how much patience and hard work are behind every shot.
I can not wait to attend another workshop and to immerse myself in the country (whatever it will be) among its people, culture and cuisine.
Participating in a workshop with Ernesto you will come back fatter and definitely happier.
Franceso Pavia



® Julia Vogelweith

Just wanted to say hello and to express a huge, big thank you for last week’s workshop. It was a real pleasure to meet you all and to have 10 days of uninterrupted time working together.
Special thanks to Ernesto for sharing his experience, knowledge and stories. Thank you for organizing and structuring our time so that we made the most of every moment. Thank you for taking us to magic places and thank you for introducing us to amazing families. You left all of us encouraged and galvanized by rousing our creative spirits.
Sometimes the further we are away from our own reality the more we are willing to let go, to be opened and to share.
It was a great experience and I’ve returned to Luxembourg inspired and ready to go!!!  Looking forward to seeing our work on line soon!
Julia Vogelweith



® Linda Hollinger


Thank you Ernesto for a truly amazing workshop. You were present every step of our journey sharing your passion and your knowledge, pushing boundaries so we may find that magical poetry that exists in every part of life.
Thank you for sharing your stories and your amazing images and for letting us experience the kind and gentle people who welcomed us into their homes.
It was a pleasure to meet and work with everyone. It was an amazing experience and I would like to continue on!

Linda Hollinger



® Marco Marchesotti


People cannot imagine how difficult  it can be to take good pictures. Really!
Hours and days spent to get a moment, an emotion, a sentiment.
What saves you is to do it with special people.
When you find these special people, everything becomes easy, nice and, believe me, also fun.
To me it has happened in Brazil and this special person is Ernesto Bazan.
Many thanks for having transmitted to me the passion and the art of photography. Marco Marchesotti


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