Los Locos and One Photoshop Molester

New York, US 2012

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® Mimi HurleyEvery year, in the summer, I teach an intense 5-day workshop at ICP. It’s a good occasion to share my teaching with students from all over the world who have this passion for photography. This year I have been particularly lucky because the students have been very receptive, sensitive and generous, very generous with their images, words and support of their teacher. Considering that we only had five days to decide what topic each student wanted to explore, to take pictures and edit the work in a coherent and creative way, together we made wonders.
To see how much they were able to assimilate in such a short period of time brought often a smile to my face.
I greatly enjoyed the last and final edit where we dissected and analyzed all their images trying to eliminate the weak ones while some of us were sipping some good wine brought so kindly by Candice was one of the fondest memories of the entire week. It was wise that she only brought two bottles….
After we said goodbye I sent an e-mail to all of them and to my wonderful assistant Gabriele to thank them. I’d never imagined that I’d receive such a wealth of responses that deeply moved me and left me crying.
Below a few of them. As I like to say, my students’ comments are the greatest gift after the miracle of taking meaningful photographs. EB

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