Happy Easter

Sicily, Italy 2012

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® Luisa VasquezAnother Sicilian workshop, another encounter with my students that destiny has wanted that would accompany me in this special, miraculous year that we have returned, once again, to my island to tell together the story of Easter, the passion of Christ, and the life’s story of all the people that feel the tragedy of his death and the merriment of his resurrection as their own.We happily celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Easter workshop with an extraordinary course not only for the intimate and inspiring pictures, but also for the extremely beautiful energy and atmosphere that pervaded the group throughout. As Ilaria wrote, we thought that after the special workshop of 2011 it would have been impossible to repeat it. Instead, this workshop has been even more magical and the level of photography continues to surprisingly grow.
Ilaria, Tony, Umit and Juan were returning after last year; Baron, Frank, Sorin and Juan that had just seen one another during Oaxaca workshop, where we had celebrated the first ten years of BazanPhotos Workshops, didn’t want to miss out on these new celebrations. The new students David, Giancarlo, Luisa and Renze perfectly integrated themselves to the rhythms of the group along with the dear Elsie and Karen who were returning after the beautiful Cuban experience in 2004.
From this unforgettable adventure was born the group Buona Pasqua with its moving photographs and synergies.
The lavish dinners in our favorite restaurants and at the villa by the sea with the delicious pastas prepared with saveur fair by the great Carlo, the Sicilian wines, the marsala and the sicilian pastries to which you are never able to say no to, together with the inevitable seasoned pecorino that we religiously savored every morning with the warm bread just out the wood-burning oven did the rest.
To the long shooting days always followed the editing sessions where rigor was always accompanied with compassion, severity with perseverance. The images slowly blossomed as flowers in the Spring letting us relish them one by one in their delicacy and poetry.
Along with all my students we also made big improvements with my next book of panoramic, black and white images. Other photographs fell as dry leaves from the branches of a tree, new correspondences, new links were found thanks to the precious advise from everybody.
And then there was the unexpected mezcal that did its own magic….
I believe that I don’t have to add anything else except to thank from the bottom of my heart each one of you that made possible with your kind presence this new spiritual, extraordinary and unforgettable adventure. Your pictures speak in a subtle and humble way, and in a low voice they whisper….


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