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Cuzco, Peru 2011

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® Justin Merendith


It’s difficult to sum up the recent visit to Peru in just a few paragraphs.
Over the course of ten days Ernesto brought clarity to many questions and thoughts which had been weighing on me. He provided invaluable insight into the recipe of identifying what makes a great image. I truly appreciated his honesty and direct approach which is unfortunately hard to find.
I was overwhelmed in how welcoming and inviting everyone in Peru was. There seemed to be little negativity and an infectious happiness all around. You had to delete your city mindset and recognize most everyone you dealt with would welcome you with open arms. At times, it was easy to get lost starring at the Andes or find fascination in the simplicity of hearing a bee. When the landscape forms and rich cultural content of this place collide, magical moments happen.
This was a life altering experience and I highly recommend it to anyone seeking artistic and personal fulfillment.

Justin Merendith

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