Mangia Mangia

Sicily, Italy 2011

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® Stand RaucherMangia Mangia. The name of the group doesn’t leave any doubt. Yes, I confess that my 12 students and I did eat, as always, fantastic food. It couldn’t be otherwise when we rendezvous in Sicily. But besides the great feed of couscous, aged pecorino, rice balls, spaghetti with squid’s ink and the lustful sweets, we have also had fantastic photographic blowouts.Once again, I’ve had the the great privilege to have twelve extraordinary persons. I believe that beyond the beautiful images that each of them managed to take, the most rewarding thing has been the great syntony and harmony (not easy things to achieve) that the whole group did experience. So it doesn’t come as a surprise to see all the very sweet after-workshops e-mail’s exchanges and Willem’s proposal to make a blurb’s book with the best images selected, their comments and these scanty words of mine as introduction. I only want to add that it has been the most spiritual workshop at Easter in Sicily that I’ve had so far. Next year, we will be celebrating our workshop’s tenth year anniversary in this Sicilian triangle still strongly attached to life’s traditions. As always, I invite all of you to take a look at the images that needed lots of work, but that also gave us all many satisfactions.


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