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Salvador de Bahia, Brazil 2011

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® Elena Lusenti


Caro Ernesto, so here I am again.  There is something magical about Salvador.  I just walked this morning along the same path by Barra beach, which I had walked only two weeks ago when I first arrived.  And life seems so different today from then…  
Thank you, once again, for helping me see the beauty in simple things and to remind me that poetry is everywhere.  And along this line, I would like to leave you with a special poem by Lincoln Roberto Endo, which I heard the first time I arrived in Salvador.

Elena Lusenti

Seja você
castelo de areia
resisti não no chão
as investidas loucas
desse mar solidão

Be Yourself
sand castle
resist not on the ground,
the crazy attacks
of this sea of solitude


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