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Salvador de Bahia, Brazil

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® Elena Lusenti


Dear Ernesto, thank you for so generously sharing with me the wonderful days following the light of the magic spirit of Bahia.

Elena Lusenti





® Sorin Frasina


At the beginning of March, I arrived in Salvador carrying with me a large bag with photographic gears: 2 cameras, 4 lenses, filters, flash and a tripod. I thought that I’ll need all this equipment as I did in my other trips when I photographed landscapes. Ernesto proved me that the gear doesn’t matter, what it matters is to find a strong connection with the places and to be close to the people living in that places. Ernesto led us in some non-touristy locations which he knew very well, in some poor neighborhoods and into some fishing villages where we spent moving moments near friendly people. His presence inspires a creative atmosphere. I found very interesting the fact that around him every student sees the visited places in an original way. In the first days it was very difficult for me to take pictures using just a camera with only a fix lens, as he asked me to do. But in the end, I realized that it can be done. In fact, after ten days I realized that I learned how to look around me in a different way. Thank you, Ernesto!

Sorin Frasina




® Willard Pate


It was good to return to the Salvador workshop where I saw the familiar families at the Chocolate Factory and the fishermen on the north coast. But because Ernesto has spent much time in the area recently, he was able to introduce us to new photographic territory. I am not much of a beach person (either as a participant in beach oriented activities or a photographic observer of those activities), but I do like almost deserted stretches of sand where fishermen cast their nets and haul in their catch. The morning we spent in just such a place was my favorite time in the workshop–a place I hope to go back to in August when I take my sixth workshop in Brazil with Ernesto.

Willard Pate


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