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Cuzco, Peru 2010

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® Giorgio Negro


Cuzco, four years later. It’s beautiful to find again some lost sensations but never forgotten, the dormant passion of the first love that only ask of you to be awakened. To return to the photography’s challenge has been as being born anew, rediscovering an uneasy path to follow, but on which I inevitably return to take my steps.
I see Cuzco four years later and it’s still magnificent as always. A dream that starts again just where I had begun my long discovery journey, a journey often interrupted, a winding one, but destined to last for a long time, now, I’m certain of that.
And then, finding a friend again: Ernesto. Realizing that both distance and time have not changed anything in our friendship nor have they tarnished that strength that has made me love photography.
Cuzco, my dream continues on!
Giorgio Negro




® Sofia Sguerri


The workshop has been something unique! And perhaps I can consider myself lucky that we were just a few and this allowed for the whole experience to be even more intimate. The most beautiful thing about the workshop was the way in which we would enter into living situations, in the customs of other cultures. Diving in without disturbing, being accepted as guests coming from far away. It has been an adventure and thanks to that it has been easier to continue my trip and to get to know more people. The reportage genre has been something new for me coming from a different photo background. Everyday was a different challenge, a constant probing, seeking or simply stumbling upon by chance. My eye started to slowly change. To have been able to produce some interesting images has been very exciting. And Peru… I do not have words to convey it except that: “I want to go back, I want to get to know it more.”

Sofia Sguerri


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